Pet Horoscopes

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it can be difficult to resist checking out a daily horoscope in the local paper, or asking a potential romantic interest about their sign. Horoscopes are a way to gain insight into ourselves and others, so why not use them to better understand some of our most enigmatic companions – our own pets? Pet horoscopes are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds as owners become increasingly aware of the unique personality their pets possess.

Pet horoscopes are made up of the same signs as human horoscopes. If you know your pet's birthday, you can figure out whether he or she is an Aries, a Capricorn, a Pisces, or any of the twelve signs. Does there seem to be extra lion in your cat? Perhaps she's a Leo. Does your dog bark constantly? He might be a talkative Gemini. Determining your pet's horoscope can help you pinpoint your pet's characteristics and to figure out your pet's needs. This can be especially helpful with a new pet you are just beginning to understand.

Pet horoscopes don't just offer a new way to grasp your furry companion's personality. Like human horoscopes, pet horoscopes can also predict what challenges and rewards that day, week, month or even year will present for your pet. Will your canine feel like the alpha dog today? Will your new kitten go through an extroverted spell?

Of course, an astrological reading won't offer you a full understanding of your pet. Only spending lots of time with him and her will do that. Still, pet horoscopes can be a useful guide on the path to better communicating with your animal.

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