Researchers Find New Way to Control Brown Dog Tick

Posted on May 28, 2015 16:01

Two new studies have found a newer and simpler way to control brown dog tick.

Pet owners often use extreme and desperate measures to get rid of brown dog ticks, a common pest found in dogs. These including getting rid of their possessions, fumigating their home or even moving to another house. Brown dog ticks are notoriously hard to kill since they breed indoors and hide in impossible-to-reach places.

The studies were published by investigators, one of whom was Phil Kaufman, an associate professor of veterinary entomology at the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. One of the studies showed that the tick is resistant to most common chemicals applied between the shoulder blades of dogs. The second study showed that carbon dioxide can be an effective luring tool to catch bed bugs.

The first study shows that pesticides containing permethrin are not effective in controlling the brown dog tick. Fipronil may work in some situations, but owners need to be aware if or when the chemical loses its effectiveness, such as when ticks appear to be swelling or remaining alive a month after treatment.

Homeowners, meanwhile, can use pesticides for controlling the tick, but vacuum cleaners are effective tools too. Speaking about brown dog ticks, Kaufman said, “”They're particularly troublesome for people who have cluttered homes, and they drive some homeowners to desperate measures in search of ways to control the tick. Eliminating places where ticks live and breed is the one of the best practices for tick control.”

Homeowners can also prevent an infestation by uncluttering and simplifying their interiors.

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