Cat Health

Cat health is a major issue for cat lovers and owners. Cat health is something that comes about through prevention, proper home care and proper medical care. Cat health can be influenced by many things. These things can include heredity, surroundings, fights and external violence with other animals, poor human care, homelessness etc.

In order to encourage cat health, the best thing that can be promoted is owner education. But one thing that is unique about cats is that they are independent. They are not the sort of animals that like to be controlled. Sometimes they run away, and cats more often then dogs, seem to willingly get into physical and dangerous fights with other animals.

Sometimes a cat owner can feel helpless in encouraging cat health in their animal. The best way to get control over your animal is to love your animal. Even if you adopt an older cat, set in his ways, feed him well. Give him toys and treats when you can, and it’s healthy for him. Pet him when you can.

You will soon find your animal will be very receptive to you and become loyal almost like a dog. When this happens you can insure that you are creating an optimum situation for cat health. This is because your cat will want to be near you always and not run away, and risk rabies and other infections in the streets. Your cat will not be off on her own in the corner choking on hair balls because she will always want to see what’s going on with you what you’re up to.

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