Portugese Water Dog

The Portuguese water dog is a strong, muscular, medium sized dog. It has a curly, shiny thick coat. The top of the head is a slightly round shape. The ears hang down below the head but not too far down to the jaw line. The legs are strong and the teeth are of a dark shade.

The Portuguese water dog is very trainable, and it has a great personality. It is a friendly dog that requires a lot of exercise and attention. When it is a puppy it is very prone to chewing excessively. It is a water loving, energetic, affectionate dog that loves to be around children and adults. It is very intelligent and follows direction very well.

Physical Dimensions
Height: female-17-20 inches; male-20-22 inches
Weight: female-35-50 pounds; male 42-55 pounds

Issues The Portuguese water dog is prone to GM-1 storage disease, PRA and hip dysplasia. The medication for any of these disorders or any other health problem can be purchased from online pharmacies. You can save a substantial amount of money on the same products you would normally purchase at a physical pharmacy.

Living accommodations
A Portuguese water dog can live in an apartment or outdoors. This dog is very personable and social; it would be much happier being around its family. It would fare better to keep the dog in the house it would be more comfortable for the dog. This dog needs to be walked daily and vigorously, it loves to exercise.

The Portuguese water dog should be groomed daily; it has a full curly coat that needs to be brushed often. If you would like to trim the hairs a little it is ok but not necessary. This breed is great for anyone with allergy problems, because the coat sheds very little, and the coat grows very slowly.

Life Expectancy
The Portuguese water dog can be expected to live between 10 and 15 years. With proper training, exercise and a healthy life style this breed can live a very long time.

Note: The Portuguese water dog is a great dog for someone who is very energetic and loves to exercise and be outdoors. This breed is friendly and very sociable. They love to be around children and adults. They love to be the center of attention and they love to play. Make sure that you keep your pet healthy and happy and it will be there to bring you joy for years to come.

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