Pet Names - Choosing a Name For Your Pet

Welcoming a new pet into your family is a wonderful experience that you will cherish always. You will want to name your pet right away but you may be unsure just what name to choose. Pet names are important as they will stay with you and your pet for life. The options for pet names are infinite.

Choosing a name for your pet need not be a daunting task. Most new pet owners already have a name in mind when they bring their beloved pet home. For those who need to reflect on their decision a little longer, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing pet names.

Research has shown that dogs respond only to the last syllable of their name. With that in mind, choose pet names that are easy to say and with few syllables. It is important to avoid pet names that sound like ordinary commands like, "sit", "stay", "no". This will confuse the animal and hinder any effort to train your pet to obey certain commands.

As a pet owner, you will be calling your pet's name numerous times a day. Be sure to make it something you will enjoy saying; something that rolls off the tongue easily. Pet names can be derived from a pleasant memory, recent travel, or even from a special relationship.

Some owners wait a while before they name their pet. They will often wait to see what kind of a character their pet will have and then base the name on certain personality traits their pet exhibits throughout a normal day. Your pet may be have physical attributes that inspire a name, such as, "Fluffy" or "Spot". The color of their coat, unique markings, or eye color can all elicit inspiration.

Often times pet owners use their pet's breed as a starting point for coming up with pet names. The owner of a German Shepard may decide to give their pet a German name. A Persian Cat owner might like their pet to have a Persian name, and so on.

Pet names are easier than baby names because you do not have any stigma associated with cutesy or ironic pet names. Since their are so many possibilities for pet names it is important that you choose wisely as it is a name you will be hearing for a long time.

Good luck with selecting pet names. Remember have fun with it.

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