Dog Names

It is not uncommon for parents-to-be to make long lists of potential names for their future children. Did you know that the thought that pet owners put into coming up with dog names can be just as exhaustive? Choosing the right canine moniker may seem like a daunting responsibility. Odds are an owner will spend a fair amount of time saying their dog's name; to call the dog in from the yard, to firmly command the dog to please stop chewing that muddy sneaker, or to praise the dog for finally learning how to sit (and maybe even stay).

What's more, dog names become an intrinsic part of how we in the human world perceive pets. Looking back at past trends reveals that owners liked to give their dog names that were clearly and definitively dog names. Names like Fido, Rover, Spot, and Lucky. There is a lot of power in a name, and these dog names drew a line between human family members and pets.

Current trends in dog names, however, suggest that we view our dogs as our babies more than ever. Some of the top dog names today (Max, Molly, Bella, Bailey) sound like they could be on the list of the top names for children. And a lot has changed since the days of Spot: Now pets can wear clothes, sleep in silky beds, and eat gourmet canine chow. No wonder dog names are sounding increasingly human. Our pets have become full-fledged members of the family.

With those trends in mind, how should today's owners wade through the many dog names available to find the right one? The best bet is to get to know your new puppy. Pay attention to your dog's personality and mannerisms to tailor a name to him or her. You might want to give your dog a name specific to its breed or to its special markings (although the markings on a dog's fur can change as the dog matures). Also consider the kind of name best suited to training your dog. A long name may be confusing; try to keep it around one or two syllables. Once you have chosen a name, try to stick to it so as not to confuse your dog and slow the training process.

Over all, have fun choosing your dog's name. Dog names are important and choosing one is an act that marks the beginning of what will hopefully be a wonderful companionship.

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