Dog Breeds

There are many diverse dog breeds in existence today, and even more of them being developed by innovative thinkers and breeders of dogs. These breeds are sometimes referred to as races, and they are separated into several classifications. These classifications include companion dogs, hunting dogs, pastoral dogs, guard dogs, and sled dogs.

Companion dogs include lap dogs and designer dogs such as poodles and Chihuahuas. They usually are does that do not work, but have been bred to only be a pet rather than a practical use dog. Sometimes referred to as toy breeds, these dogs are often small and like to cuddle, though this means that are more susceptible to skin conditions due to the lack of natural oxygen because they spend so little time outside normally. However, in more recent years, more dogs have been categorized as companion dogs such as the larger retrievers and other mixed breed dogs.

Hunting dogs are dogs that are used for tracking and chasing wild game for the sake of pleasure. These include but are not limited to hounds, setters, spaniels, retrievers, pointers, and terriers. These dogs are normally trained to hunt rather than to play, but can still make fine companions. These dogs come in contact with rabies and other wild diseases just by virtue of being outside in the wild so often.

Guard Dogs are dogs that are trained to protect a certain area. They include pit bulls, wolf hounds, shepherds, and boxers. These dogs are usually not bred for companionship, and are more susceptible to air born diseases because they are often kept exclusively outside and not fed choice foods.

Pastoral Dogs are dogs that are bred for the purpose of herding cattle or working in the fields with cattle management. These dogs include primarily Sheppards, but can also be retrievers, dovers, sheepdogs, and terriers, though many different kinds of dogs can be trained for this purpose. These dogs are more susceptible to diseases passed on from other animals simply because of their proximity. They are also more susceptible to fleas and ticks.

Sled Dogs are dogs that are trained to pull sleds through frozen tundra’s like snow and ice. These dogs are normally huskies, or Malamutes. These dogs can also be great companions but are more susceptible to overheating problems in warmer climates.

For the most part, all of these dogs can cross breed lines and be used for a variety of purposes, though it is important to look out for maladies affecting your dog.

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