Cat Names

Deciding on cat names can be one of the most fun things about having a pet. One major thing about cats is that they are beautiful and graceful. In addition, they always have strong and confident personalities. Cats are very independent when compared to dogs. In fact cats are always doing their own thing. Many of them leave home and come back whenever they get good and ready.

Because of this, they often take on characteristics that are more human than animal. They seem to be intelligent and alert. Cats can easily have human names many times. It rarely sounds silly to give a cat a human name because cats always seem to manage to live up to their human cat names with their distinctive and almost intuitive behavior.

In fact, sometimes cutesy cat names just don’t seem to fit cats unless they really have the personality for it. But most cats do not. Female cats especially, do well with human cat names that are exotic and elegant. For a males, cat names can be human or a little more animal like Spot, or Bip. Female cats can have non-human names like Buttons or Teacup, but they also sound good with feminine human names like Megan and Sheila. It adds to the mysteriousness of a female cat. It seems to work quite well.

The best way to find cat names is to watch your cat for awhile. Start making a list even if you know you won’t use a descriptor as a name, it will help your eventual list of cat names to come out.

Sample List:

Sample Names:

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