Cat Breeds

There are many issues that cat lovers/owners can face. There are many health problems that different cat breeds can experience.

Your cat can experience or be prone to problems that cats in other cat breeds won't always struggle with. This is frustrating for owners that love their cats and their breeds especially. Most health problems that cats experience are particularly common in some cat breeds and not in others.

Some of these issues can be avoided with the proper care. But because of heredity, certain cat breeds cannot avoid certain issues. All you can do as a cat owner is love your pet and insure that she gets the proper medical care at all times. Prevention of disease and infection is especially important for all cat breeds.

One common cat issue is hairballs. These aren't the most dangerous of cat problems, but they can be annoying and they can pose a choking hazard to your pet.

Many cat breeds have problems with worms. In fact all cat breeds can experience this issue from time to time. Even the most cared for cat will escape from her cozy house every once in awhile. When she does this she is more vulnerable to disease.

The best thing to do is to make sure that she has her proper shots and medical check-ups.

Other hereditary issues that cat breeds can struggle with include:

urinary tract infection, vomit, kidney disease, feline stress, cat flu, conjunctivitis, toothache, tooth decay, and bad breath.

Specific cat breeds can have specific problems. For example, Bengals tend to have problems with their nose and hair. Burmese cats suffer from eye problems and ocular issues. In addition to eye problems like cataracts, Himalayan cat breeds suffer from kidney disease. Persion cats are prone to eye, hip and skin problems. Siamese cats have a long list of ailments that they suffer from. And every area of their little bodies can be problematic.

When you are considering buying a cat, you should first research and learn as much as you can about his breed. You want to make sure that you can afford to provide him with the proper care he needs, should he get sick. If your cat struggles with any of these issues she should be checked out immediately.

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